All-in-One Corporate Wellness Solution



Keep your employees happy, healthy and engage, and increase productivity and revenue

Increase Productivity

Companies with corporate wellness programs experience an 8% increase in employee productivity.*

National Business Group on Health, 2005

Improve Employee Health

A corporate wellness program will improve employee health and decrease absenteeism.

Increase Revenue

Reducing absenteeism and improving productivity will lead to increased revenue.

Corporate Wellness Just Got Easier

See the features Virtuagym Corporate Wellness has to offer

Membership Management

Training Plan Editor

Scheduling & Booking

Nutrition Software

Online Payments

Club Community


Custom Mobile App

Challenges & Rewards

Online Coaching

Increase revenue by 10%*                  |

Decrease absenteeism with 20%                 |

Increase productivity with 8%

The all-in-one corporate wellness solution that boosts employee wellness and productivity

During the intake process, body measurements are made and saved in the system, allowing you to track overall wellness.

By using the nutrition software, a balanced diet can be created that will have a positive influence on your employees’ bodies and minds, which in turn will result in increased productivity.

Through the corporate community, employees will be able to motivate each other to work out together, increasing the general health of your company.

Everything you need to increase your company’s wellness

Improve productivity, engagement and wellbeing

Decrease Healthcare Costs


Research has shown that corporate wellness program can reduce healthcare costs by as much as 16% over 5 years.

Improve Mental Wellbeing

With the online coaching module and the internal communication tools it becomes easy to coach your employees in order to improve their mental wellbeing.

Engaged and Happy Employees


Fitness is more fun with friends. Employees involved in corporate wellness programs are much more likely to join forces when going to the gym, resulting in them being healthier and happier.

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